Leaving the Wolfe Pack

It's Johnny Falstaff's time to "Shine"

"When you've got those four-hour ice house gigs, you've got to throw in some covers," he says. "They might as well be cool." (Elvis and Roy Orbison are two other faves.) And then there's his original "Shine," that song we mentioned earlier that should be a hit. "That was one of the quickest and easiest songs I ever wrote. I didn't really overanalyze it or get too deep with it."

"Shine" will be one of the centerpieces of his upcoming album. He released an EP earlier this year so he could have something to sell his fans in Germany, but has withdrawn it with an eye toward releasing a full-length in the next few months. Maybe then, at long last, he will get harvested by someone who can spread his name as far and wide as he deserves.

But in the meantime, he's one of the privileged few musicians to have a song written about him, even if the song is called "Tall Walkin' Texas Trash." " People have said a lot of things about me, but never had sung Ôem before, I guess. Having Greg Wood do that was such an honor," he says. "It's real flattering. And me and Greg go back a few years. If he could cook...No, strike that." Johnny Falstaff performs Friday, October 14, at Goode's Armadillo Palace, 5015 Kirby. Call 713-526-9700 for more info.

It's shaping up as a great weekend for honky-tonk all over. Spooky, hard-living balladeer James Hand is playing around the corner from Falstaff Friday at the Mucky Duck, and Dwight Yoakam is in town Sunday at the Verizon...Moving on from country to the countryish, Scattered Pages release Lazy Are The Skeletons Wednesday at the Proletariat. La Cauchette, Antarctica Starts Here and Savoy Special are all also on the bill. Watch these pages for a review of Lazy Are the Skeletons in the coming weeks.

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