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Mosquitos' Juju Stulbach on love and Eskimos

When told that having a conversation about being raw and naked on stage, without being, well, actually either raw or naked, would be a rarity with most male singer/songwriters, Stulbach laughs.

"Really? Oh, that's sad, isn't it. That men wouldn't talk about this. But I don't know, maybe you could have had this conversation with [my husband] Chris, he has a lot of feelings.

"I'm just about to get my period, so maybe that's also part of why we were able to have this conversation today because I'm very sensitive. Being a woman, it's sometimes hard. I love being a woman, but it's a hard time for women now because this business, it's all about the men. Even the sensuality has to be within the limits of a very narrowÉ(Beep, beep!) Oh my god! (Beep, beep!) Oppenheimer just caught up with us on the road," she laughs.

Juju Stulbach (l), shown with husband Chris Root, isn't afraid of living her life on stage.
Juju Stulbach (l), shown with husband Chris Root, isn't afraid of living her life on stage.

The next minute or so is lost while the Mosquitos' opening band, Oppenheimer, blares their horn and the two bands shout greetings at one another. Finally, Stulbach comes back to the conversation.

"I'm sorry (still laughing). They are so funny, those guys."

Oppenheimer is an Irish pop duo that says they love "kraut-rock, synthesizers and soundscapes." This is the pair's first US tour.

A Brazilian beach party together with Belfast electronica -- that sounds like quite a mix.

"Yes, we have a Brazilian/Irish/American party going on, with black and white and brown people, every color, every shape. I guess we could add an Eskimo, but then we would have to charge more (laughs). We want to keep our ticket prices down so we can't add too many more kinds of people (laughs). For this price, all you get is Brazilian, Irish and American peoples. But that's a lot, don't you think?" Mosquitos performs on Saturday, October 14, at Walter's on Washington, 4215 Washington. Call 713-862-2513 for more info.

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