Idol Chatter

Opening day for America's fourth national sport is upon us

Season Three: Both of the Hawaiians on the show -- Jasmine Trias and Camile Velasco -- are now said to be superstars in the Philippines, their ancestral home... Jon Peter Lewis is trying to make it as a serious rocker outside of the pop realm. He's released a few singles and has over 6,000 MySpace friends. (Don't we all?)... John Stevens signed to Maverick Records and cut an album of standards under the direction of Houston's Steve Tyrell in 2005. Since then, he left the label and enrolled in the Berklee School of Music... Latoya London now goes by the single moniker "London" and has an active career spanning neo-soul and musicals. Her post-Idol releases have received more critical acclaim than most...An Australian woman was recently convicted of cyberstalking and extorting runner-up Diana DeGarmo. Her career, meanwhile, hasn't gained as much traction as those of other runners-up like Clay Aiken.

Season Four: Lindsey Cardinale went back to Ponchatoula, Louisiana, where she is now the spokesperson for the Bill Hood Automotive Family. (Big fish, meet small pond.)...Fran Drescher/Taylor Dayne clone Mikalah Gordon might have a career as a singing actress. Just as Paula predicted, she has appeared on a sitcom with Drescher. This year, she was mugged in Las Vegas and also made a public affirmation of her virginity. Just so you know...Exactly a year ago this week, a 59-year-old Tennessee man was arrested for stalking Jessica Sierra. This case made DeGarmo's look like a minor pain in the ass by comparison...Wild-haired boho neo-soulster Nadia Turner is back in Miami and has an album coming out this March. She is bold or crazy enough to boast on her web site about rubbing shoulders with Donald Rumsfeld... Constantine Maroulis, my least favorite contestant in Idol history, was almost the star of a sitcom about his life, but ABC chose to pass on the project at the last minute. He's back in musical theater now, where he belongs...Thugged-out, moon-faced R&B man-child Scott Savol is planning to move from his native Cleveland to Nashville. There are some scary people in his MySpace street team, let me tell you... Anthony "Cheddarov" Federov, the Ukrainian Milquetoast, has done a bit of reality TV work, notably as a contestant on a special edition of Fear Factor that paired him with the similarly whitebread Carmen Rasmussen. He was also recently spotted on the arm of Carrie Underwood at the CMA Awards.

Season Five: Childlike crooner Kevin Covais has returned to his Long Island home, where he sings a bit and educates kids about diabetes... Mandisa the Homophobic Diva is now in the Christian music orbit... Bucky Covington is a labelmate of Josh Gracin and Rascal Flatts on Lyric Street Records in Nashville. His debut single dropped this week...Other than penning the chorus to Chris Daughtry's tune "It's Not Over," pretty boy Ace Young doesn't have much going... Kellie Pickler came up with a surprisingly good country record and is developing a Fox sitcom. (Synopsis: She plays a hillbilly who discovers she is actually the governor's daughter.)... Paris Bennett's debut pop/R&B CD Princess P comes out this year. The sky's the limit for her -- she has more raw talent than anyone on this show ever.

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