Remembering Molly

She was always more than what she seemed

When we were young, Molly Ivins and I smoked a lot of cigarettes and drank a lot of beer together. But she drank a lot more beer than I did and for a lot longer time. It took its toll. People tell me that before Governor Ann died of cancer, she pleaded with Molly to stop drinking. When Molly died, she was 18 months and two days off the sauce. She asked that her obituary include "She died sober."

Surrounded by an extraordinary network of supportive friends at the time of her death, Molly nonetheless waged some very personal and private battles, especially toward the end. She did so with the courage and humor that defined her professional life. Though the cancer ultimately overcame her, she beat the beer and wrote some of her finest, funniest and most important columns in the last weeks of her life. I know she's sorry to have to bow out of the 2008 season just as it's gearing up, and I know it'll be a lot less fun without her.

Terry O'Rourke is a Houston lawyer who teaches international law at the University of St. Thomas's Cameron Graduate School of Business.

Molly Ivins died sober.
Molly Ivins died sober.

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