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Anthony Wilson

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Food on the Move

Taco tales: I think it is really cool that this turned into a feature ["Las Fabulosas Taco Trucks" by Robb Walsh, March 15] in the Press. Taco trucks are some of the most interesting food in Houston and any of them could have made a mint if they followed the Dead in the early '90s. I've been eating at Jarro since they were in a liquor store parking lot (three taco trucks ago), love chicken from a bus (pollo el norteŮo) and love the whole kimchi taco feel of the Long Point/Gessner area. Good stuff.

Comment by Jason
March 15, 2007 @ 9:42 a.m.

Broad but Not That Broad

In the March 16 Hair Balls, we reported that HISD spokesman Terry Abbott moonlights for the Broad Foundation. Abbott moonlights for the Broad Center, not the Broad Foundation. Although the Broad Foundation funds the Broad Center, the two organizations are separate.

The Press regrets its error.

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