SXSW Manifesto

A local indie rocker hatches a scheme to get Houston its due at next year's confab

The entire international music industry is 150 miles from Houston for one week a year. Only fools would sit here and pout. Get in the van and get to Austin next year, invite or not.

Tuesday's Gone With The Wind

Just before my interview with Kahlich, I ripped through the Proletariat, where I got my paparazzo on. Just after my arrival, David Arquette stepped out of his stretch limo and in the door. I had planned to give Mr. Arquette a piece of my mind -- his portrayal of Gus McCrae in Dead Man's Walk was wack, to say the least. But then I found out he had come out to see Black Math Experiment perform their tribute to him, and then he had this jacket on with a billion rhinestones on it. I was blinded by the coolness of it all, so all I could do was snap a pic and leave.

I headed over to Leon's Lounge, where Lil' Joe Washington's Tuesday-night jam session has picked up steam. Dude is like the mockingbird of the Third Ward blues -- he plays a few bars of "Okie Dokie Stomp" before shifting over into "The Things That I Used to Do," and then drops the Fender and slides behind the piano for a medley of B.B. King and Bobby Bland numbers and a few of his own compositions.

Nick Gaitan, Beans Wheeler and Hilary Sloan were all in attendance, as was Aaron Loesch, who sat in with Washington's band -- which includes the ever-steady Kevin Blessington on drums -- on a few numbers.

Cops -- perhaps my favorite travel show of all time -- was playing on the bar's TVs, and there were plenty of old drunks in the hizzouse. Two of the finest blues or blues-based musicians the city has ever produced were leading a pretty damned good band. This is what real-deal lounging is supposed to be all about.

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