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Unhappy Customer

Suzie Bergland
Moline, Illinois

Clean and Sober

Uncalled for: My letter is more of a complaint. “Undercover Agent” [Hair Balls, by Richard Connelly, April 19] was actually a good article up until the very end. The last part read, “The whole plot will likely implode when she offers the judges a blow job in the VIP room.” That little statement was uncalled for. People like that make the topless club industry difficult for “clean entertainers” to make money, because everyone thinks that all topless dancers are drug addicts and “whores.” I have been in the biz for 14 years, and I have made a great life for myself without drugs or booze. There are a lot of good people in the topless club industry who are the same way, and we're tired of being looked down upon because we work in topless clubs.

Pick any school soccer game, baseball game, football game, basketball game, school play or even P.T.A. meeting, and I can point out at least two to six topless entertainers. A lot of entertainers have part-time jobs as teachers, nurses, secretaries, system programmers, etc. These entertainers bust their asses for their children to give them everything. But, when these assholes come in the clubs and get mad because the girl will not give them a “blow job” or have sex with them, they comment by calling her a “whore.” That makes no sense! Or how about when the entertainer is onstage and a customer tips the girl a dollar. When she says thank you, the customer will reply, “Is that it?” It's a dollar, you moron! On top of all this crap, now all the topless clubs in Houston might be shut down by the city.

Entertainers are not perfect, and a lot of them will admit that. But they don't deserve to be singled out and stereotyped because people don't have a clue.

Barry McKenney

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