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One legislator's crusade against snakes

“You are in violation of eBay policies for ticket sales,” it said. “We are planning to prosecute to the fullest extent of the lawÉScalping is against the law in TexasÉ Pull this listing immediately or face the consequences.”

Geez, doesn't sound too tolerant to us. Not to mention that eBay doesn't ban scalping tickets, and neither does Texas law.

“I overreacted,” Preece says. “But we felt that our charity was being abused.”

How does this year’s playoff team compare to a decade ago? Click  here to find out.
How does this year’s playoff team compare to a decade ago? Click here to find out.

General-admission tickets to the Autry Court event are only five bucks. “We're not making a profit on this,” he says.

Moore says he pulled his auction because he was “afraid Rice was coming after me.”

He says he will make a donation to one of the Dalai Lama's charities with “a portion” of his profits if he re-posts the item, but that doesn't assuage Preece.

“It's just bad karma,” he says. “If it's not against the law, it ought to be.”

It appears the Dalai Lama has a whole lot of healin' to do at Rice.

Playoff Fever

For the first time in a long time, the Houston Rockets look like they may stay alive in the NBA playoffs for more than the absolute minimum of games. For fans of the team, thats a novel and wondrous thing. For most of the city, though, the Rockets are an afterthought, brought to mind only when the bandwagon is rolling. The bandwagon hasnt moved much since the double-championship teams of a decade ago, so here's a primer for newcomers.

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