“Coniecturae Mysticae”

Megnet and Harlow create, compare and contrast art

Who says passion and intellect can’t coexist? G Gallery’s “Coniecturae Mysticae,” which spans from the severe to the sublime, proves the two are compatible with the works of painter Grace Megnet and sculptor Joyce Harlow. Megnet’s oil paintings are dreamlike and richly colored, and her acrylics are inspired by prayer flags. Beautiful and joyful, they’re a stark contrast to the sculptures of Harlow, who specializes in assemblage art. Her creations feature tiny people with fired-clay heads and bodies and backgrounds made of found objects — everything from perm curlers to old fishing lures to garlic presses. Sometimes silly, but more often sad and even savage (she’s taken a blowtorch to a porcelain doll), Harlow’s works are raw and force you to scramble for meaning — a satisfying contrast to the easy indulgence of Megnet’s paintings.
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