Houston Press Music Awards Showcase

We will, we will rock you!

Fifty bands plus one afternoon divided by 12 bars equals one hell of a good time. The Houston Press Music Awards Showcase, the city’s annual opportunity to OD on local music, features newbies like Karina Nistal and the Dimes (see “Teen Bands,” page 17), who are creating lots of buzz (both are nominated in multiple categories, including Best New Act), and old favorites like John Evans and Spain Colored Orange, who are hoping to repeat past wins. But the big show is Saliva, the out-of-town headliners that close out the showcase. The Memphis rockers are fresh off the release of Blood Stained Love Story, a collection of songs that are the result of the upheaval and enormous change each member experienced over the last two years (everyone in the band got married, divorced, sobered up or became a parent). Besides a music riot, this will also be your last chance to vote for Houston Press Music Awards, so bring your pencil and get ready to rock.
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