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"Raw" Like the current "Give Up vs. YAR!" show at Domy Books, "Raw" is another urban-themed show hung in a boutique. Premium Goods sells shoes and T-shirts that appeal to enthusiasts of hip-hop, tattoos and graffiti art. Appropriately, "Raw" represents artists that may aspire to design marketing campaigns selling such products. One can imagine many of the images and motifs in "Raw" silk-screened onto T-shirts or emblazoned on a pair of Vans or Pumas. In fact, be prepared for a salesperson, or two, or three, to ask if you need help with anything. The curator, Melinda Mosheim (her artwork is also on display), says many pieces have been sold since the opening, and it's easy to see why. This work appeals to a young generation; it has a pop, graphic quality; and it's modestly priced for greenhorn collectors. Premium Goods takes a paltry gallery fee, too, so artists reap the lion's share of sales. James Burns's "Josh Martinez," an acrylic-and-aerosol painting on Plexiglas, depicts a young man holding up a Nike sneaker. Above him, in italic text, reads: "I've paid my dues; now I've gotta pay my bills." It makes perfect sense. Mosheim finds pieces of wheat-pasted advertising posters, some layers and layers thick, mounts them on wood and meticulously "weathers" them, revealing images and slogans. Mosheim's tear patterns are fascinating; "Her Majesty's Most Trusted," in particular, resembles a glacier plastered in publicity. Through August 17. 2416 Times Blvd., 713-523-8825. — TS

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