Robert Jessup’s “New Paintings”

Texas artist reveals recent work

The folks in Texas artist Robert Jessup’s “New Paintings” exhibit are strong types. They don’t live in fear of carbs or fat grams; on the contrary, these are robust, colorful characters. In Couple in a Landscape, a stout, muscular woman wearing fuchsia and lavender dances with a pink and blue elephant on a cliff. Across the ravine is a man, his arms outstretched, pink tie blowing in the wind, and face turned upward, as if he’s pleading with the sky. Endless Childhood shows us a pubescent couple leaning in for a kiss while children with Cabbage Patch Kid features tumble downhill behind them. Jessup’s characters live in a landscape where gravity is apt to play tricks. In Three Children, a chubby baby in a wagon ogles an ice cream cone floating just out of reach, while a pair of disinterested children stand nearby, ignoring him.
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Sept. 8. Continues through Oct. 13, 2007
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