Experimental rockers will likely make you forget Bloc Party

Bloc Party is about to get blown out of the water, but the band is probably used to it by now. The UK new-new wavers chose Deerhoof to open for them on their current tour, and it’s likely the San Francisco experimental pop rockers have stolen the show on more than a few nights. Deerhoof has been touring as a threesome since guitarist/bassist Chris Cohen left more than a year ago. No worries, though, as the group originally started out as such, and judging from January release Friend Opportunity and a crowd-pleasing performance here back in March, the members seem to have fallen comfortably back into the three-man regime. Opportunity shows the group turning back toward calmer tendencies, but luckily for fans, live performances always include samples from all over their catalogue, including the nonsensically sung, meticulously-timed ditties from past albums such as The Runners Four. But whatever they choose to play, it will likely make many forget about…what’s their name again?
Fri., Sept. 21, 7 p.m., 2007
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