ODC’s Velveteen Rabbit

Would you like some tea with your ballet?

Tender as the dawn, Margery Williams’s Velveteen Rabbit is classic children’s story-telling at its very, very best. The tale is about a much-loved, soft stuffed rabbit who becomes real after he nurses a little boy through a bout with scarlet fever. Now imagine this sweetness as a ballet complete with whimsical costumes and lovely ballerinas. That’s what’s coming from San Francisco’s renowned Dance Company ODC. Called “delightful” and “imaginative” by The New York Times and “sophisticated enough for adults” by the L.A. Times, the ballet makes a one-day stop here. And families can make an afternoon of it by taking their children to a British-style tea (complete with scones) that starts before the performance.
Sat., Sept. 29, 12:30 & 2 p.m., 2007
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