Stove Blow

Locals lean on video games for instrumental inspiration

Forget the Beatles. Whatever, Metallica. And never mind, Nirvana. The biggest musical influence on musicians today is the Nintendo Entertainment System. For an entire generation of bands raised by video games, it makes more sense to jam on the Bubble Bobble theme than to play “You Really Got Me” in ye olde garage (and what’s more punk rock anyway, something your parents can sing along to, or something that’s going to annoy the shit out of them?). Reagan babies and fans of the cutting edge alike will find plenty to enjoy about Stove Blow, a local instrumental trio who marry their split-second attention spans and fascination with intricate, repetitive, Mario-inflected shredding to the sounds of riffy West Coast spazzrockers such as Pink & Brown and Hella. Come on, feel the generation gap.
Sat., Sept. 29, 8 p.m., 2007
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