“Turn Off the Radio”

Local artist Robert Hodge pays homage to his off-the-dial idols

 “Turn Off the Radio” is not just a clever name – it’s an order. “Turn off the radio, come to the show and check out the work,” says Robert Hodge, the artist behind today’s exhibition at H Gallery. It’s not that Hodge isn’t a fan of music; in fact, his show is dedicated to the music makers he loves. “I [also] put that title because the musicians I choose to paint are people who are not typically on the radio,” he says. The phrase is also the name of an album by the hip-hop group Dead Prez.

Hodge’s work consists of large mixed-media pieces that incorporate screen printing, painting, spray painting, stenciling and collage. Images in the pieces include both portraits of Hodge’s favorite musicians and what inspires them -- black political figures, maps of Africa and the Masonic seal. “I wanted to pay homage to these musicians that I listen to; without them I couldn’t do what I do,” Hodge says. The show runs today only and includes performances by Lisa Harris, Tamar Davis (who once performed with Prince) and local DJs Yppah, (On) Hiatus and Flash Gordon Parks.
Sat., Sept. 29, 7-11 p.m., 2007

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