Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble’s Petrified

Dance inspired by jazz movements

You know that moment when a bass guitar lingers on a note for five, ten, 15 seconds? Even as the note itself holds steady, wavelengths of sound radiate outward, creating movement within the monotone. Bear this in mind as you consider the name of the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble’s new work: Petrified. The piece celebrates the inherent, involuntary, bubbling-from-within movement that the best jazz always summons. Inspired by this and also by jazz’s riffs and rambles, choreographer Brangwen and her co-creator, solo bassist Thomas Helton, created a “spontaneous performance environment where anything can happen.” Four female dancers, including Brangwen, will dance to Helton’s live bass, and trumpeter Tim Hagans and the Danielle Reich Jazz Trio will round out the evening with smooth, sultry sounds.
Sat., Oct. 6, 7 p.m., 2007
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