"Sawing Logs: Lisa Marie Godfrey" For Lisa Marie Godfrey's installation at Domy, she created one of her large wall paintings but mixed in household objects and smaller paintings on paper. On the wall, there are smiling clouds, weeping women, soft pink men, transparent sleeping figures emitting flowing lines of intestines, clouds crying diamonds and geysers spouting human organs. Some of these images may sound horrifying, but there's a levity to the work. Attached to the walls are painted saws, a series of tree limb slices and a sleeping mask, along with paintings no bigger than notebook paper and modified antique photographs — all named works in themselves. A Sweet Dream (one of the saws) and other pieces in the show are endowed with a painted patterning of stars and tears that's a new element in Godfrey's work. Two antique photographs of women, each named Dream Guide, are painted over with new sparkling hairdos and veils. The small, powerful works show an insight into everyday life and the little things that make it great. Also available at the exhibition is a small-run artist book with the cover colored in by someone who loves drawing them very much. Through October 12. 1709 Westheimer, 713-523-3669. — SC

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