Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog: Canine mascot may or may not be onstage at Walter's.
Dr. Dog: Canine mascot may or may not be onstage at Walter's.


Dr. Dog performs Friday, October 26, at Walter's on Washington, 4215 Washington, 713-862-2513. Apollo Sunshine and the Delta Spirit are also on the bill.

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The problem with most modern bands who ape the '60s power-pop triumvirate of the Beatles, Beach Boys and Kinks is that they are either severely diluted knockoffs of their idols, or their music is simply too, well, wussy-sounding. High harmonies and songs about joy and sunshine and a desire to re-create Pet Sounds over and over again seldom make a worthwhile act in 2007, but Dr. Dog is an exception. The Philadelphia quintet's music is crafted from easily identifiable inspirations but is hardly one slavish imitation after another. Their third and best record, We All Belong, even expands a bit to include echoes of "Glass Onion" and the Band's Music from Big Pink. The Dogs — whose stage monikers are Taxi, Tables, Text, Time and Thanks — broke out of recording on 8-tracks and went all the way up to 24 this time. Welcome to the '70s, boys!

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