Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Quantum Fucking

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Fatal Flying Guilloteens: Now complete with opposable thumbs.
Fatal Flying Guilloteens: Now complete with opposable thumbs.


Fatal Flying Guilloteens perform Wednesday, October 31, at Proletariat, 903 Richmond, 713-523-1199. MV + EE is also on the bill.

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Four years after Get Knifed, the Fatal Flying Guilloteens have finally spit out their third album. The Houston-bred racket makers are renowned locally and beyond for their special brand of performances, which typically last mere minutes due to gear being destroyed, blood being spilled and something (or someone) getting set on fire. The Guilloteens beat and mangle their instruments like hairless apes flinging feces at unsuspecting zoo visitors; some have even questioned whether these hooligans possess opposable thumbs. If that's the case, though, Quantum Fucking proves thumbs are in fact not necessary for creating fantastic rock and roll. As the Guilloteens' first release on the indie label heavyweight Frenchkiss (Les Savy Fav, the Hold Steady), Fucking mixes and matches the sounds fans have come to love during the group's decade and change in the splatter-punk trenches: screeching guitars, chugging bass lines ("Reveal the Rats"), howling vocals ("Great Apes"). It lasts just over half an hour, a blast of pure ruckus waiting to kick your ass and provide the perfect sound track for a house party where every last stick of furniture gets destroyed in an alcohol-induced haze.

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