"International Discoveries: A Selection of Contemporary Artists from Around the World"

FotoFest brings together artists from around the world

Meanwhile, American Kelly Flynn addresses gender issues by looking obviously female while dressing up for stereotypically male roles. She paints her "costumes" over her naked body in shiny, rubbery latex, becoming Superman with the big red "S" over her blue breasts. She transforms into the Roto-Rooter man with a belt and a nametag that reads "Phil" in awkward lettering, holding a plunger with a toolbox and pipe snake at her feet. She plays the President in a "suit" at a lectern. The shiny latex gives the images a bright pop feeling and fetish undertones; the images are engaging but pretty one-dimensional. Apparently, Flynn has done some videos, and that medium might work better with her ideas. She's an artist with grand plans for her work: She hopes to "inspire women everywhere to stand up and be seen equal to men in society." Good luck with that one.

First Communion #10 is tinged with melancholy.
Courtesy of FotoFest
First Communion #10 is tinged with melancholy.


Through December 8. FotoFest Headquarters at Vine Street Studios, 1113 Vine St., 713-223-5522.

FotoFest's "International Discoveries" are eclectic and interesting enough to make the show worth a trip.

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