GRiT Boys, Ghetto Reality in Texas

An evening with Houston's GRiT Boys

Todd: No. It's not sincere.

Scooby: There's certain...we ain't gotta say no names. There's certain rappers that are real and are cool, but all these other niggas is fake, so it's a relationship you gotta work. It ain't nobody specific, but there's certain niggas, they famous, whatever, you know what I'm sayin'? But they do little girl shit. They holla at you when it's convenient for them, you know, when they want you to do something. But then, when you try to get with them they don't hit you back. That ain't real, dawg. These famous niggas came from the same point you at, but they act like they forgot about that shit.

Todd: I feel like a lot of people go get in their corner and laugh and point fingers, like, "Ha, ha. I knew they weren't gonna do it." You know what I'm saying?

Scooby: Them niggas be doin' weak shit. Like, sayin', "Go get them" or "Don't use them" or "Put them on the radio." They be trying to hull us. They be doin' that to everybody.

Todd: I don't think they're trying to just hull us. For some reason, people in Houston don't get that if we worked all together we would go a lot further. We need to make one big independent label. I help you, you help me. But it's gonna be hard to get to, y'know. But if we could do that, no one could touch Houston.

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