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Attorneys Arthur Schechter and Gary Pitts are in a nasty fight over breast implant cases

However, Pitts does elaborate in the court files.

"Schechter told me that while working for the Clinton for President campaign he had bought and had destroyed a tape that showed Clinton present at a party where illegal drugs were being used," stated Pitts. "Whether Mr. Schechter was lying when he told me this, in order to puff his importance in my eyes, or he had actually had this done, I believed either was despicable, and showed a moral blindness that makes him unworthy of high public office, in my opinion."

Pitts said the reason he addressed the City Council was his "inherent interest in and moral duty to prefer and do what I can to have good government."

It's gotten pretty down and dirty in Judge Randy Wilson's court.
Mark Brewer
It's gotten pretty down and dirty in Judge Randy Wilson's court.

During a separate deposition, Pitts also said that he spoke to the City Council because he "came to understand (that Schechter) had ambitions of using the chairmanship for Metro to run for the mayorship," and that he felt compelled as a "citizen" to alert council members that they should look deeper into Schechter before naming him head of the transit authority.

However, Schechter being Schechter, council members didn't hesitate to appoint him to the position.

And despite Pitt's avowed outrage over the alleged Clinton tape, according to a deposition, Pitts says he still referred breast implant clients to Schechter.

Schechter accuses Pitts of slandering him further when Pitts told City Council members that they should ask Schechter to make public any investigations the State Bar of Texas had ever conducted into Schechter's practice of law. According to Schechter's counter-lawsuit, Pitts was implying that Schechter had been investigated often and was a dishonest lawyer.

"Pitts could have chosen a private forum for addressing his alleged concerns," it states in Schechter's counter-lawsuit, "but he elected to do so for all to see."

During the winter of 2004, Pitts claims he became aware that Schechter was charging the breast implant clients 5 percent interest per year on Schechter's expenses. Pitts then mailed a letter to the clients stating that Pitts's law firm never agreed to allow Schechter to charge interest on his expenses and that if they wanted, they could contact the State Bar of Texas Grievance Hotline. Pitts then provided the hotline's toll-free number.

In his counter-lawsuit, Schechter states that Pitts's letter was yet another example of Pitts trying to undermine Schechter by implying he is dishonest, and of Pitts interfering with the cases, thereby invalidating the referral contracts.

"In our opinion," Pitts said, according to a court document, "sending a letter to our clients advising them that Mr. Schechter and his entities were charging interest where we did not intend for it to be charged is not interfering or ­interference."

But the accusations don't stop.

Next, Schechter accuses Pitts of mocking his title of U.S. ambassador. According to Schechter's lawsuit, "Proud of his accomplishment, Schechter used letterhead referencing himself as an Ambassador. In response, Pitts suddenly began corresponding to Schechter as 'Captain Pitts' referencing Pitts' service in a United States uniformed force."

The accusations become even pettier.

Schechter states in his lawsuit that Pitts "developed a personal vendetta against Schechter," as evidenced by "a recent document inspection" that revealed Pitts was collecting newspaper clippings on Schechter. They included anniversary photos of Schechter and his wife at a gala, the obituary of one of Schechter's family members and articles about Schechter with former Texas Governor Ann Richards and traveling with Clinton on a foreign diplomatic trip.

In response, Pitts claims that his firm cut out the articles because it had referred so many clients to Schechter and that newspaper clippings are "no indication of a personal vendetta" against Schechter.

Finally, last August Pitts filed a lengthy document totaling 33 pages responding to allegations he felt Schechter made questioning Pitts's feelings toward Jewish people. The Press did not find the alleged accusation in the court file; it may have been part of the many sealed sections.

"Unfortunately," Pitts's brief begins, "Mr. Schechter has reached a shameful low in trying to avoid paying his debt. He is now implying that I hate Jewish people, that he is Jewish, and that this is the 'true reason' why he should not have to pay me my money..."

Schechter has one of the most impressive résumés when it comes to philanthropy and his involvement with some of the most prestigious Jewish organizations in Houston and around the country. According to court documents, Schechter has chaired or served on the boards of more than 15 different groups including the United States National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., to which Clinton appointed him; the Jewish Federation of Houston; the American Jewish Committee; and the Texas Jewish Historical ­Society.

In his brief, Pitts details how although he is a Christian, his first girlfriend was Jewish, his favorite teacher was Jewish and his closest professional colleague is Jewish.

Pitts also waxes on at length about how in 1972, during summer break from college, he worked at an Israeli kibbutz. He tells the story of how he was almost killed in the Lod Airport massacre the first night he arrived in Israel when a three-man hit squad from Japan smuggled weapons onto an Air France flight and then opened fire once they landed in Tel Aviv, killing 26 people. Pitts also recounts the time when walking in the Old City of Jerusalem an Arab man became angry that Pitts was carrying an Israeli flag.

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