They were, apparently, thinking that Stroman is a fine, vibrant example of what it means to be a Houston Realtor. Who's to say they're wrong?

Owner of a Lonely Heart

See why DA Chuck Rosenthal is the "Owner of a Lonely Heart."
Illustration by MF
See why DA Chuck Rosenthal is the "Owner of a Lonely Heart."

Of all the people you’d think would not get involved in a semi-tawdry soap opera, Harris County DA Chuck Rosenthal would certainly be one of them. Of course he is a What-Would-Jesus-Do kinda guy, and WWJDers are always prime candidates for, let’s say, not necessarily paying any attention to the answer to the WWJD question. Rosenthal, thanks to some slick political moves by a friend of a Democratic DA candidate, is having to explain some embarrassing e-mails he sent to his secretary. The death-penalty-loving DA has admitted he had an affair with her years ago, but says there’s nothing going on now. So how difficult — on a scale of one to ten — will it be to explain to his wife some of these highlights?

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