Paul Miles, Iraq and PTSD

I'm not a shrink, just another contractor. But I have dealt with issues firsthand over here, from the soldier who shot a round through his own chin whom I found in 2005, to the private I spoke with last week who thought it looked "cool" when one of his fellow soldiers stepped on an IED and was vaporized into pink mist.

J.C., you are probably correct in your assumptions of his family and him. Maybe he is a naturally mean person, but the issue I was trying to get across was that "Timmy," the little Circuit City clerk who was in the reserves and got sent to Iraq, may not come back the same young kid that left the surround sound department. He might look the same, but he will have changed, trust me.

If you'd like a firsthand look out here, jump on a plane. Just be careful — it's dirty out here and things go boom a lot.

Comment by Daniel G

Mosul, Iraq

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