Good Dog and Bad Owners

A Dog's Life

I currently reside in downtown Houston, where this would not be acceptable. The comments that folks walk around with sticks are probably true, but not because of Lobo, I am sure. They live in the country, and you never know what you might encounter. My coworker spotted a cougar crossing the road not even a couple miles from that neighborhood in 2006. Bigfoot would even find this a nice place to live.

Bottom line is, the dog never attacked anyone. Until then, we cannot assume he will. If we do, then we need to assume that all dogs will attack and just remove any animal that could cause harm to a person. That is a broad range...and what about that unregistered cougar? Should we have it put down for trying to continue to inhabit its space that is now a neighborhood?

I hope to see all the good country dogs out here still running free while they still can before this area becomes too ­developed.

Comment by Ted

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