JB, What's with criticizing a restaurant you've never even been to? That's like trashing a movie you haven't seen or a city you haven't visited. Come on, guy — go form your own opinion.

Comment by WRM

It's his job: To the folks calling out Walsh for dining at Denis' four times, despite his mediocre experiences: Don't you know that's his job? He can't write a review based on a single visit. If he'd been served a mouse turd, he'd still have to go back to experience the restaurant enough to form a sound opinion.

And as for the poster who accused Mr. Walsh of trying to get a free meal with the pebble ... The Houston Press pays for his meals when he's reviewing. Have you never heard of an expense account?

Geez, people. Give the man a break. He's doing his job.

Comment by ~libby~

Bad experience: I dine at Denis' about once a week and love it. We have always had great experiences until our last one. The service was horrible. We sat at our table for 10 to 15 minutes with numerous waiters walking around us but choosing to ignore us. My brother had to get up and bring the manager over to our table in order to get drinks. The bad service went on all night, but as I said before, this is the first time we have experienced this at Denis'. We will return, and hopefully it will be back to normal next time.

Comment by Kendall

Sorry, George and Dolly

"Es-stupid" [by Olivia Flores Alvarez, Night & Day, February 14] stated that comedian George Lopez's show George is doing well on primetime and in reruns. In fact, the show is no longer on primetime. In addition, the article should have noted that his Houston comedy performance was already sold out.

Also, as the result of an editor's error, "Get All Dolled Up" [by Lee Williams, Night & Day, February 21] incorrectly stated the dates of the Theatre Under the Stars production of Hello Dolly! The show runs from February 26 to March 9.

The Press regrets the errors.

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