HP: Example?

Perseph: Okay. How come when I go to a show, I hear the same fuckin' song from 19-something? I don't even gotta finish that thought. How many times do I have to hear, "She keeps on passing me by..." I'm like, "Dude, we've seen that shit a thousand times. Do something original like Babelfishh or Free Radicals or Satin Hooks or Del Vuelo."

AndAcc: It needs to be the kind of shit that doesn't make you wanna go to the club and sing it, it needs to be the kind of shit that makes you want to sit back and go, "Oh wow."

AndAcc and Perseph One have little use for that "hot radio shit."
AndAcc and Perseph One have little use for that "hot radio shit."


Perseph One and AndAcc release Patients of a Timeless Mind 9 p.m. Friday, March 21, at Sucker Punch Clothing, 2609 Dunlavy.

HP: So you want some "Oh wow" shit? That's not vague at all.

AndAcc: It's like, how many times am I going to hear, [sings] "Sometimes I feel..."

Perseph: " I don't have a ­problem..." [sic]

AndAcc: Exactly. That's one song [Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under the Bridge"], and there's like a billion others with that same line.

HP: So that's what you're aiming for, something no one else has done? Not like anything on the radio?

AndAcc: Not to say that we won't make some hot radio shit in the future, but we're not really trying to make that hot radio shit.

Perseph: And a lot of people do, and that's kinda sad because they spend all their time, like, trying to make those radio hits and they fail horribly. And maybe we fail horribly at trying to be an artist, but that's the thing — you can't fail at being an artist if you're doing art. So we won't fail, whether you like our music or you don't — but I think you're gonna like it, 'cause the shit is kinda hot.

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