Great Stuff at Abe's Cajun Market

The Abe's people make their own sausages, and they are justly proud of their various links. I sampled a sausage poor boy that was comprised of nothing but a poor boy roll spread with mustard and filled with chunks of fried sausage. I got bored of the simple sandwich pretty fast, but I ate all the sausage chunks.

For diehard Cajun sausage enthusiasts, there is a sausage platter on Abe's menu — it's an entire pound of deep-fried sausage served with nothing but Creole mustard, green beans and cornbread.

Stuffed chickens and chicken breasts are the most popular product at Abe's, the counterman told me. The chicken breast stuffed with spinach we had for dinner that night was excellent. They only offered two stuffing choices in the restaurant (shrimp was the other one that night), but there was a staggering variety of other stuffings available in the freezer case, including crawfish, crab and rice dressing. The chicken breasts sell for $2.99 a pound. Abe's also sells whole boneless chickens with the same choice of stuffings for $11-$12, depending on the stuffing, and whole boneless stuffed turkeys for $37 to $42. They make tur­ducken too.

The thing to get is the stuffed chicken breast.
Troy Fields
The thing to get is the stuffed chicken breast.

Location Info


Abe's Cajun Market

1080 Clear Lake City Blvd.
Houston, TX 77062

Category: Restaurant > Cajun

Region: Clear Lake


Hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Natchitoches meat pies: $5

Crawfish and corn bisque: $4.50

Stuffed chicken breast: $13

Smothered pork chop: $7.50

Lunch specials: $7.25

1080 Clear Lake City Blvd., 281-480-2237.

It's nice to have a Cajun meat market like Abe's around to broaden our perspectives on Cajun cuisine. It's also great to have a place where you can stock up on andouille, tasso, boudin, crawfish pie and stuffed pork chops without having to drive all the way to Louisiana. Go try the Natchitoches meat pies and the stuffed chicken breast soon — bring your ice chest.

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