HP: Why were you at the doctor?

Cande: Was that when that van fell on you?

Medicine: Nah, that [time] was when I was in a [car] crash.

Not even the weight of a Lincoln can crush the life out of Big Body Click
Courtesy Big Body Click
Not even the weight of a Lincoln can crush the life out of Big Body Click

HP: Wait, wait, wait. A van fell on you? Like a van van?

Medicine: It was a car.

HP: Please explain.

Medicine: You know them old Lincolns, they got them air shocks. I was workin' on one and I was like, "Man, forget this jack. I'm fittin' to go on and let some of this air out and hurry up and go to the store." So I'm under the car and I hear "Psssshhhh" and I said, "...Uh-oh." When you realize that it's some life-and-death shit, there's probably like ten seconds you go back and realize, "Damn...I can't get out...Jesus...Somebody see me." 'Cause the only thing coming out from under the car was my feet.

Cande: That's some cartoon shit.

Medicine: I'm stuck. I got an axle in my face. I can't breathe. "Lord, please God help me."

HP: How'd you get out?

Medicine: My cousin came. He tried to pick up the car and I said, "Go get help." My momma and them came and lifted up the car. I was passing out but I could see them tryin' to lift up the car; they arms was bleeding. They picked up the car, and I could breathe again. I said, "All right. I'm fittin' to get from under the car," and when I said "all right" somebody let go. My brother had the jack out but he didn't know how to work it, so my last breath was " the right." They was cryin'; they thought I was about to die.

Cande: You was about to die!

Medicine: I was in the hospital layin' there strapped to that board and was like, "Damn, this is not the shit." When they flipped me over, the doctors saw that I had a socket stuck in my back. They pulled it out and asked me if I could walk. I was scared so I was like, "Yeah." I got up and walked and they all started clapping.

HP: And you just got up and walked after a car fell on you?

Medicine: Yeah. They said my insides shoulda been crushed, but I was straight.

HP: Wow. Medicine Man indeed.

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