Flying Pigs and Presidential Politics

Deep Waters

Do any of you really think an inflatable pig and a few Roger Waters songs are worth discrediting everything this man and his crew put into providing us a freaking amazing concert? Bottom line, it was a ­killer show.

And it was meant to get your panties in a wad folks! Welcome to the real world. I'm glad he has you all so stirred up. Maybe now you will start thinking for yourselves.


Numb: I am reading all of this hubbub from Seattle. I can hardly stop laughing as I type this. Obviously, I was not at the show, but from reading this review and the various comments, some things are obvious.

1) The Waters show was terrific.

2) People in Houston are so out of touch with the rest of the country and most of the entire planet. It is pathetic! Don't you people read anymore?

All the people griping and sniveling about Waters trashing Bush (a war criminal), your educational system and everything else that you are so indignant about...just proves that your educational system is crap. You don't seem to know what democracy is. You don't seem to know that people all over the world do not agree with your imperialist warmongering aggression. As much of a shock as that fact may be to you pea brains, it seems that Roger Waters was just trying to draw your attention to this in a nice way, through his show. But you are comfortably numb.

Crimsonwolf 23

I love it: The show was so good it was ridiculous — some of the world's best musicians performing some of the world's best music, with an accompanying visual masterpiece that trumps virtually anything attempted before. It was one of the greatest shows of all time. Pure art. Mind-­blowing. This will be etched in the minds of over 10,000 people permanently. So there was one new song that people were probably not familiar with, and it contained lyrics that were offensive to some. How that can be surprising? That was truly something special. I had high anticipations and he overshot every single one of them.


We're Good

Houston Press food writer Robb Walsh has been notified that his feature story "Las Fabulosas Taco Trucks" has been included in The Best Food Writing 2007, an anthology of food writing compiled each year by the Avalon Publishing Group.

Walsh has been frequently selected for inclusion in this volume, which includes writers from across the United States.

But Not That Good

In our May 8 issue in a café review "Nuevo Inca-Mex" by Robb Walsh, we incorrectly referred to Inka South American Cuisine as Café Inka, which is the coffee shop next door

 with the same owners.  

The Press regrets its error.

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