The Tamarie Cooper Show The Tamarie Cooper Show has arrived at Stages Repertory Theatre, and what a tangy tonic it is. The story focuses on Cooper's real-life new marriage and all the domestic difficulties involved. Her real husband doesn't appear in her musical; instead, the "talented furniture maker" is played by Kyle Sturdivant, who makes an excellent clown as he stares wide-eyed at a hammer that's intended to make him look more butch. Cooper's new family includes a Jack Russell terrier played by Walt Zipprian, who is also very funny playing the insulted actor, lowering himself to bark like a dog. The songs that follow take us through Cooper's new life. She sings about shopping at Target, exercising and diamonds. There are a few missteps, including way too many jokes about Cooper's rear end, especially since she's such an attractive woman. But the good outweighs the not-so-great here. Jodi Bobrovsky's TV-inspired set design is yummy and glamorous. Cooper's cast, including Jennifer Mathieu, Karen Schlag, Karina Pal-Montano Bowers and Cary Winscott, seem to be having the time of their lives. And Cooper is back to doing what she does best. Through July 19. 3201 Allen Pkwy., 713-527-0123. — LW

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