An Evening with Thee Armada, Houston's Next Big Thing

Rock, Shock and Load

HP: Who else did you go up against?

M: Fall Out Boy and Timbaland, Rihanna, OneRepublic, Dutch techno or something — that was an easy win.

Brian: When it was the Fall Out Boy and Timbaland duet I was like, "Well, it was a good run."

Thee Armada: "We said no brown M&Ms!"
Molly Joon
Thee Armada: "We said no brown M&Ms!"


9 p.m. Sunday, July 27, at Venue, 723 Main, part of the Houston Press Music Awards showcase. Visit for details.

J: And we ended up beating them with something like 90 percent of the vote. They ended up retiring us.

HP: Dope. So, just to clarify: You guys think Fall Out Boy, Timbaland, and Rihanna are awful and you guys rock the shit?


Bryan: Go ahead and quote me on that. That's "Bryan" with a Y.

HP: Do any of y'all have daytime jobs?

Bryan: Taylor and I are the official bums of the band, even though I was the only one in the band that had a car.

Brian: Funny story about our cars. One guy gets in a wreck, T-boned. I'm driving down the freeway after having a meeting with our label and my car, right past 610 getting onto I-10, decides to catch on fire. So I'm driving and people are flashing at me and I'm like, "What's going on?"

HP: You didn't know your car was on fire?

Brian: It started making a funny noise.

HP: Yeah, that's the sound of your car about to explode.

Brian: I was getting off to go check it out and this guy rolls down his window and was like, "YOUR CAR'S ON FIRE!" I stopped right there and sure enough, it's done.

HP: So you were just driving down the road. With your car on fire. Like it's ­normal.

Brian: Yeah, I was like Batman, with flames coming out the back and stuff.

HP: Perfect. So we've covered the band's inception, Josh's less-than-pleasant introduction to Houston's grand theft auto problem and flaming cars. Let's close on this: Ultimately, where do you see Thee Armada? What do you want to come from all this?

Bryan: You know, when we were in SXSW, I think I overheard someone talking about how they went to see this band and they really wanted to see some big, popular band. She said she remembered that show because he looked at her and pointed at her in the crowd and was like, "You'll remember that for the rest of your life."

And she kept talking about it and genuinely carried that with her. If we can do that with our music, then those people will be the ones that buy the albums or go to the shows. Making music that will appeal to those people is really where it's at.

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