The 2008 Houston Press Music Awards Showcase Is Filled with Talent and Absurdity

Some of the best rock and roll in town right now is en español

If there was any insurrection to be had Sunday night, surely it would come from Indian Jewelry, the performance-art/noise-rock collective whose night-closing set at the Hard Rock Cafe was practically begging for some sort of subversive statement. At the very least, the people sitting down to dinner at the Hard Rock were in for a mouthful (on closer inspection, most of them turned out to be wearing wristbands, so they presumably had at least an inkling of what was about to transpire), but beyond a few arch comments from frontman Tex Kerschen, the four-piece — or four-piece until random people from the audience came onstage to join in on percussion, anyway — paid very little heed to its surroundings.

And as it turned out, Indian Jewelry didn't need to break the case containing Sting's bass, or anything else, to get its point across. Creating a sticky netherworld of sound somewhere between blues, drone, noise, psych, sludge and straight-up chaos, Indian Jewelry embodied the very qualities that make the music scene here so unique — harsh and unpleasant, perhaps, but also oddly beautiful and compelling — and were thus the ideal way to close out an afternoon and evening filled, in almost equal measure, with inspiration and absurdity.

Indian Jewelry twisted knobs and minds Sunday night.
Daniel Kramer
Indian Jewelry twisted knobs and minds Sunday night.
Yoko Mono's Rozz Zamorano gets into the groove.
Daniel Kramer
Yoko Mono's Rozz Zamorano gets into the groove.

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