Fava Favorites at Mint Café

From the entrée list, we tried a combo plate of beef filet and shrimp kebabs. While the shrimp was perfectly cooked and quite juicy, the beef was past well-done and very dry. Next time, I'll skip the "surf and turf kebabs" and get the shrimp by itself.

I had the same problem with most of the other meats at Mint Café. The chicken kebab sandwich was hopelessly dry no matter how much tahini sauce I dipped it in. The gyro meat was overcooked after it was sliced until the edges curled. And the makanek sausage, which is made of lamb marinated in red wine, was tasty but way too dry. ("If you don't like it (the makanek), maybe you can get it to fix your car," punned Robert Sietsema at the Village Voice the last time he ate the sausage.)

You can't go wrong with the falafel or the labneh.
Troy Fields
You can't go wrong with the falafel or the labneh.

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Mint Cafe

2800 Sage Road
Houston, TX 77056

Category: Restaurant > Mediterranean

Region: Galleria


Artichoke: $5.49 Hummus and meat: $5.49 Fava beans: $5.49 Labneh: $4 Shrimp and beef kebabs: $16

If you like your meat extremely well done, you're in luck at Mint. But you're better off sticking with the shrimp kebabs, the fava falafels, the excellent cheese dishes and the fascinating vegetarian preparations, if you ask me. With vegetables this good, you won't even miss the meat.

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