The Passion of Victoria Osteen

A flight attendant went after the Osteens in court, bringing on trials and tribulation for one and all

(To which God replied, "You know what, Vickie, what I'm trying to tell you is to live a life devoted just a little bit more to openhearted charity toward all and not so much on raking in big bucks." At least that's how we hope God replied, if He exists.)

That's not to say that Victoria was totally disingenuous throughout the celebratory pep rally. She said how she had tried to pray for Sharon Brown.

"I can't tell you that every time I did it I thought I meant it," she said.

No shit, lady. Then again, we're pretty sure you thanked God every night that Brown got Reginald McKamie as her ­lawyer.

But we should not belittle Victoria Osteen's pain, the utter torture she was put through by a God that had seemingly forsaken her. She did, after all, have to put up with the horror of some liquid on her first-class seat to Vail.

Even Jesus never had to go through that.

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