Bill White, the F-word and "Gatemouth" Brown

Bill White offends Georgians

Not quite. I called Finch. Yes, he said, Brown's vault did open, and Brown's casket did pop out. It did not, however, float off in the receding waters. Instead, it came to rest against the cemetery's fence line.

"He continues to be as erratic and all-over-the-place in death as he was in life," Finch notes. "Somebody I talked to who knew him told me he would probably think this was not without humor."

Finch has now resumed his campaign to place a permanent headstone on Brown's grave as well as to lead other efforts — a statue, perhaps a plaque — to memorialize Brown in Orange.

"A lot of music lovers travel between Louisiana and Texas," he says. "How cool would it be for them to be welcomed to Texas by memorials to Gatemouth Brown."

Indeed. Let's just hope Brown's beloved Gulf doesn't try to kidnap him again.

— John Nova Lomax

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