"Susie Rosmarin: Spectrum Series" Susie Rosmarin is known for her spectacular and disorienting grid paintings in the op-art vein. Her most recent ones take inspiration from the color gradations in the sky and clouds at sunset. She even displays photographs, taken from the roof of her Brooklyn studio (she recently returned to Houston), in this exhibit, and they're juxtaposed with a series of grids containing color gradations from green to violet. Also on display are four "spectrum paintings" (all sold) that are utterly baffling and dazzling. Rosmarin uses masking tape to create these, and the technique is flawless. The color gradation, especially in the paintings that employ the full spectrum, is stunningly executed and induces movement, a warping afterimage. The surfaces are taut and shiny; they look manufactured. On their own, the photos are just snapshots of the New York skyline at sunset. But cumulatively, an emotive narrative emerges through color, cloud formations and movement. It's a delightful contrast of output by Rosmarin. Through October 18. Texas Gallery, 2012 Peden, 713-524-1593. — TS

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