Sam Houston, Ad Man

Comcast's odd TV campaign

Five other babies have followed, all but one of them girls, UTMB spokeswoman Marsha Canright tells Hair Balls.

None have been named Ike. "Not even any Tinas," she says.

UTMB, which specializes in dealing with high-risk pregnancies, opened a 16-bed maternity clinic October 13.

The hospital does have power, but is extremely limited in the services it can offer right now. There's a mobile ER and intensive-care unit, but once patients are stabilized they are transferred to the mainland.

A normal month on Galveston sees more than 700 babies born, Canright says. It'll be some time before those numbers return to normal.

But Galveston's back in the BOI business, and that should count for something. And Jennifer Ramirez-Hernandez will have something to tell her grandkids.
— Richard Connelly

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