Ike, Cancer, KBR and Oysters

Waking Life

Comment by chris from

Road trip! Thank you so much for the review of King's Inn. It has been since the mid-to-late 1980s that I have been there. We used to stop when our children were little ones returning from Port Mansfield fishing trips. I'm on a second marriage now — that includes a spouse who is not a saltwater fisherman — and I lament not heading that way again. Their food, especially the fried shrimp and oysters, was great back then. I think I can convince my present hubby — a foodie — to make a road trip to Riviera Beach. I am grateful they are still there.

Comment by Maryann McDaniel from
Hockley, TX

Don't change: When I first saw the title, "King's Inn," I thought, It has the same name as that restaurant out in the middle of nowhere along the south Texas coast that we used to go to in the '60s. I figured that place had gone under long ago, but it sounds like it hasn't changed much in 40 years. I kinda like that.

Comment by David from

John Nova Lomax gets picked

Houston Press staff writer John Nova Lomax has been named a Silver Medal recipient for his music writing in 2008 by the national online site PopMatters.

Lomax was singled out for praise for his online story "Houston Has a Bad Reputation With Touring Indie Bands" (which appeared in our July 10 print edition as "Skipping Town").

PopMatters' Jason Gross, who determines the awardees, described Lomax's effort and story as: "The sad, depressing story of a city of four million people minus an indie scene. An insane incident of police over-reacting in '06 to a club show didn't help, but Lomax's well-­documented research points to more problems: 'mediocre bands, terrible radio, second-rate venues, poor public transportation, killer sprawl, and a diverse populace of mildly paranoid, cynical souls.' Not to mention some eye-opening info about how diversity may not always be what it's cracked up to be."

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