John, His Story If you're looking for a bit of Sunday school mixed with sturdy theatricality, then you'll enjoy A.D. Players' production of Jeannette Clift George's clever rendition of Christ's seven miracles, or "signs," as they're called in Johannine literature. If you remember your theology, John is the "beloved disciple," the only follower who remained true to Jesus up to the very end at Calvary. Using four actors to play many, George takes an everyman, you-are-there approach to the miraculous happenings around Galilee. At the pool of Bethesda where Christ heals a paralyzed man — the play's best vignette — the tale's related by a local huckster selling questionable balm (Patty Tuel Bailey, wittily channeling the Borscht Belt). The focus then switches to the vigorous old coot, newly healed and basking in his heaven-sent good fortune (Kevin Dean, amazingly frenetic). Lying on his back after kicking up his heels and kissing his knees, Dean sighs, "Lordy, sudden health is exhausting!" Jeff McMorrough and Natalie Melcher Lerner round out the solid cast. A few pieces of scenery, along with fetching costumes, solid lighting and proficient direction from Lee Walker, bring the message of the fourth Gospel up close and personal, using the mundane to illuminate the miraculous. Through March 22. 2710 W. Alabama, 713-526-2721. — DLG

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