Smoking, Metal Detectors, Drug Sweeps and Houston Pavilions

The Ban and Business


Teacher's Turn

A Hair Balls blog reader responds to "Roberts Elementary Teacher, Nabbed In Drug Sweep, May Get Fast-Track Reinstatement," by Richard Connelly, March 5:

Wow, this is a fast track? Ms. Herrick received the honor of being arrested on the campus where hundreds of her grade school students work. That's a real boost in self-esteem when you've worked for years to be a role model to all of these kids.

For months, she has been banned from her campus as a suspected criminal. Presumably, this has left her little to do in her free time except to see how high she can get up in the Google search results for "art teacher drugs." No. 3 as of today.

I'm not as familiar with the other cases (Ms. Herrick is my son's teacher), and I'm not suggesting she should get special treatment relative to similarly wronged teachers. But she has had this hanging over her for months because the DA is too cowardly to drop the charges. Suggesting that there is anything fast about this is a joke.


On the Pavilions

A Hair Balls blog reader responds to "Houston Pavilions: the Reviews Are In, And They're Not Good," by John Nova Lomax, March 5:

Whoa whoa whoa! Hold the phone and slow your roll. We live in Houston, Texas, the land of no zoning, skyscrapers that can sprout out of literally nowhere, and we're gonna criticize Houston Pavilions for being disjointed from the activity centers of downtown? Give me a break. Where's the criticism for those who decided to build the George R. Brown and the Theater District on opposite ends of downtown? Surely the awesome burden of connectivity does not fall entirely to one brave little development that decided to open in the midst of a recession.

Houston Pavilions facing inward really sucks, I agree with that. But it's nothing they can't fix with some aggressive signage (and more tenants, which hopefully will come). We're just shy of five months into this thing. I'm by no means impressed with Houston Pavilions, but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.


Houston Press editor recognized for column

Margaret Downing, editor of the Houston Press, has received a second-place award in the 2008 National Awards for Education Reporting sponsored by the Education Writers of America, a professional organization of education reporters and writers.

Downing placed second in the Newspapers Under 100,000 — Opinion category for her column "Exit Exams," in which she explored the repercussions of the No Child Left Behind policy and how in Texas, it has actually resulted in forcing some kids out of school.


In "Punk en Español" [by David Ensminger, February 19], former Axiom owner J.R. Delgado is referred to as a co-founder of the band the Recipients. The band Delgado helped start was the Derailers.

The Houston Press regrets the error.

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