Design Haters and Soccer lovers

Nigel Brooks

Offsides call: What irks those of us who follow, report on, comment on and love football/soccer/fútbol is the fact that journalists who are supposed to cover sports in this country, such as yourself, have this unexplained need to come out and bash a sport they are utterly and totally ignorant of. If you do not understand or enjoy the sport, fine, there are some sports I do not understand or enjoy — not many, but some. Here's the difference: Instead of going out of my way to bash that which I do not understand, I focus on what I do understand. So until you can coherently explain the offside rules, maybe you should focus on the sports you know and leave the beautiful game to those of us who understand the game.

Brian Zygo


Houston Press is a finalist in five categories

The Western Publishing Association has announced that the Houston Press is a finalist in five categories in its annual Maggie Awards — a journalism contest open to publications located west of the Mississippi.

Staff writer Chris Vogel is a finalist in two categories — in Best Feature for "Prison Cover-up" and in Best Public Service for "Crime Doesn't Pay(back)." In his prison story, Vogel revealed that prisoners in the federal penitentiary in Beaumont were not moved out of the path of an oncoming hurricane even though there were mandatory evacuation orders. His story on crime was an investigation of court-ordered restitution, in which he found out that in Texas most offenders pay nothing back and there are no consequences.

Staff writer Craig Malisow is a finalist in the Best Public Service category for "Selling­ You," his investigation into the magazine crew business which revealed the unsafe conditions that the young sales people both operate in and bring to your front door.

Former staff photographer Daniel Kramer is a finalist in the Best Single Editorial Photograph category for his December 18 picture of a young boy and his sister at Dickens on the Strand.

And the paper itself is a finalist in the Best Tabloid/Consumer category.

Winners will be announced in late April.

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