Military Deserters and Tycer's Textile

I can see this and not condemn them — and my husband served 22 years honorably before he retired. He served two tours in Vietnam. He personally said he has no hard feeling for deserters, as they have to do what they feel is right for themselves. Sometimes the ones who feel so badly and continue to just serve turn out to be the ones who put their fellow soldiers in harm's way. When they cannot do their job, it is best they leave. Just pray for them now and hope they can find some peace.

Comment by Patti from MontgomeryCo

Tycer's Textile

Online readers comment on "The Tastes of Textile," by Katharine Shilcutt, March 12:

Great expectations: We live literally down the street from here, and based on many wonderful meals at Scott Tycer's Aries and Gravitas (and more than a few great sandwiches from Kraftsmen), we couldn't wait to eat here.

I think our expectations must have been just too high. (And who could blame us when the bill, including tax and tip, came out to $480 for two people?) Overall, it was very, very good. However, for what the restaurant aspires to be, it was just okay, and very much a letdown from what we remembered from Aries.

Comment by Tim from Houston

Sick of something: It is so ridiculous that you had to review Textile because Walsh was "recognized." Here's a news flash: These types of restaurants do recognize one of Houston's two prominent critics almost all the time. Either way, this whole undercover critic business is more or less useless. A crappy restaurant will be a crappy restaurant no matter what.

Like you, I am also sick of something; I am sick of shortsighted comments about how someone is "sick of seeing anything cooked sous vide." Sous vide is a very useful and amazing cooking method, just like frying, roasting or poaching. If the fish is tough, well, the chef overcooked it. It is not the cooking process's fault. It's like blaming the frying technique for burnt, soggy or oily french fries. I never hear anyone write, "If I see one more fried item on these modern menus..."

Funnily enough, the Chronicle's Alison Cook praised some amazingly cooked sous vide items at Rainbow Lodge in her review this week. It's not the tool that's the problem, but the user.

Comment by e. nassar from Houston

Nice review: Loved how thorough and descriptive you were in describing your fare. One question: How does someone who specializes in box mac and cheese and beer know so much about culinary artistry?

I highly doubt you know what you're talking about, but it was some terrific writing.

Comment by tom byron from houston

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