UH Gets the Brush-Off from Nike

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We know Williams attended, because Houston City Controller and mayoral candidate Annise Parker told everyone in her April 10 newsletter, which quotes Williams as saying he's "committed to work toward lowering our euthanasia rate, increasing adoptions and expanding opportunities for low/no-cost spay and neuters." This is just one reason why, per Parker's newsletter, BARC "may be finally turning the corner toward becoming a more humane shelter dedicated to far more adoptions and far fewer euthanized animals."

And the newsletter may be right — those 12 birds didn't have to be euthanized. They took care of that themselves. Craig Malisow


Colbert Thought He Had a Shot
His hopes were high about NASA

How serious was Stephen Colbert about having that new NASA space node named after him? Pretty darn. We think.

Hair Balls recently spoke with Nick Prueher, who runs the Found Footage Festival that's making its first trip to Houston in a few weeks. Prueher also works production at The Colbert Report, and he was on hand Tuesday night when NASA announced its decision.

"At the show [Tuesday] night, he was legitimately excited about this. He's not feigning enthusiasm when stuff gets named after him. He's like a schoolboy. He's ­really excited when he talks to people from space and astronauts," Prueher says.

But did he really think he had a shot at part of a spaceship? Indeed he did, according to Prueher.

"I think he goes into these things with very, maybe, naive ideas...You can never tell what's serious and what's not," Prueher says. "But I think he's more serious about things than sometimes people realize." Mike Giglio

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