Car Trouble

Readers respond to "Wild Ride"

Comment by Glenn Nichols from Houston

The answer? "Suddenly, she felt the car hydroplaning out of control, and when she glanced at the speedometer she realized the car had shot up to 84 mph. Riner wasn't hydroplaning; quite simply, her Prius had accelerated on its own. She pushed on the brakes but they were dead."

Translation: She was hydroplaning; the front wheels, suddenly liberated from the forces of friction, sped up to 84 miles per hour. The brakes did not work because when you are hydroplaning, you still slide when the wheels stop spinning.

Comment by dogmatic


In our story "Wild Rides" (by Paul Knight, April 23), we wrote that Toyota responded to claims of an acceleration problem in Priuses by recalling faulty floor mats. In fact, it didn't. During a recall of floor mats used in other Toyota models, Prius owners were simply cautioned to make sure their floor mats were properly installed.

Gabba gabba hey: In a picture accompanying last week's Music feature "Live at Liberty Hall," Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone was misidentified as guitarist Johnny Ramone. The Houston Press regrets the error, but in our defense, there were about 87 different Ramones throughout the band's 20-year career.

The Houston Press regrets the errors.

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