Defending Bob Dylan and the Mac Guy


Hodgman crush: In real life, John Hodgman (the PC Guy) writes oh-so-witty books, makes regular appearances on The Daily Show and uses a Mac. He's way more Mac than Justin Long (the Mac Guy). Appearances can be deceiving. And, of course, Hodgman is totally crushworthy.

Thursday Girl

Great take: I have never thought of that commercial that way. You are probably right. I will take the PC. It's all about the passion. I don't think the Mac Guy would be giving any of that.


The Belt Way

Online readers weigh in on "If You Get A Seat-Belt Ticket Soon, Don't Blame Elvis,"

By Chris Vogel, May 8:

Big bro: Not sure why it's the government's business if I want to make a stupid decision and not wear my seat belt. I can see tickets for not buckling kids up, but as an adult, I feel it's my right to fly through as many windshields as I damn well please.


Care costs: Because, Wyatt, we all have to pay for your long-term care bills when you take first in Darwin's Dumbest Should Die First Awards and fly through that windshield. If you could do us all a favor and just die when you fly out that windshield, then really I couldn't care less if you're too stupid to save your own life.

Kara Thrace

It's the law: Just put the damn thing on and quit whining about it. I don't want my taxes going to cover some fool lawsuit that you bring because you got hurt and started crying, "They should have done more to educate me about wearing my seatbelt."


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