"Gabacho" isn't the only bad word we've got for you...

 Dear Mexican,

I was riding the local light rail when two female ­Mexicans sat down and started talking rapid-fire Spanish nonstop for 45 minutes! It seemed as if neither one stopped to take a breath of air. They were loud and could be heard the length of the train. Question: Is this why Mexican men are notorious for beating their women? If not, where did this notoriety originate?

Stonedeaf Whitebread

Dear Gabacho,

And are you still beating your wife? Loaded question aside, Mexican men have an infamous tendency for spousal abuse in the gabacho mind partly out of stereotype (the machismo cult, the most misunderstood cultural tendency since the American love of empire-building), but also partly out of truth. Sure, Mexican men beat their wives, just like gabacho, negrito and chinito maridos. But the prevalence may surprise people. The Department of Justice, in its latest National Crime Victimization Survey, found that spousal abuse suffered by "Hispanic" (read: mostly Mexican) women fell two-thirds between 1993 and 2005, and that "on average from 2001 to 2005, rates of intimate partner violence were similar for both Hispanic and non-­Hispanic females and males." In other words, gabachos and wabs beat their mates at similar rates. Of course, the feds only track reported cases, and the 2003 book Family Violence in a Cultural Perspective: Defining, Understanding, and Combating Abuse has a fascinating essay about the disparities among different Latino groups in reporting the crime. We can pin this pathology on mexicanidad, but that facile tactic absolves other groups of the similar sin and disregards legitimate factors (e.g., poverty, following parental examples, alcoholism) as the root of spousal abuse. Besides, I don't understand the glee people take in attributing societal ills to an ethnic or religious group's essence; that reasoning is as weak as Chicanos blaming all of Mexico's missteps on the U.S. theft of the American Southwest so long ago.

Dear Mexican,

You have to stop calling gabachos gabachos, my man. That's our word for when we're talking about the whites when one's within earshot. Whitey is far more familiar with us calling them gringos. If they become too familiar with gabacho, we'll have to move to the standby, güero, ¿qué no?

Chicano Gordito

Dear Chubby Wab,

While I like your thinking, I must respectfully disagree. This column provides a public service by explaining and debunking Mexican culture to all interested parties, and what's more important for gabachos to know than if we're saying bad things about them in Spanish? Don't believe the hype, gabachos: We don't care caca about y'all, and the proof is in our respective slurs for each other. We call you gringo (white foreigner), gabacho (French idiot), güero (light-skinned), bolillo (French roll we love) and yanqui (imperialist), and my friend Cheeser from El Modena came up with anglosangrones (Anglo assholes); ustedes deride us as beaners, greasers, pepper bellies (insults toward our diet), wetbacks (a ridicule of the arduous journey many of us took to invade this country), aliens, wife beaters and so many more. We can't hold a vela to your linguistic disgust and invective obsession with us! I get a few letters each week from Know Nothings whining I'm a nasty racist for calling them gabachos, but you know what? Ustedes should be grateful I don't run a contest to create a new insult for Mexicans to deride white Americans. In the grand Rolodex of Racism, gabacho is as soft a jab as calling someone a scoundrel.

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My biggest curiosity is why do they insist on pushing blacks out of the workforce, when they know it is purely illegal to create a hostile work environment. 

It's a major headache in my company's factory in L.A.


Tell us why we're LUCKY you don't come up with new words, you're a bunch of filthy mouthed retards as it is, who gives a fuck any more what you think or say? 

"deride" my ass you're a racist son of  a bitch calling ANY word that is specifically used against another group or race as a "soft jab" so is pepper belly soft?  beaner? shit skin?  OH OKAY, obviously shit skin isn't 'soft' but fuck you.  


I won't accept racism from your brown ass any more than you want to accept it from whites.  Being mexican doesn't make you the 'original owners' of the USA, and from the maps I've seen you fuckers were never more than the very southern parts of what is now texas to california and that land WAS PAID FOR you son of a bitch.  The natives who lived here hated your mexican asses even more than I do.  Violent, human sacrificing, war like, land stealing, slave making pieces of shit is all AZTECAs were & also the only known group in all of humanity that actually has a gene for AGGRESSION.  

Kind of makes the whole "playing a soccer/basketball like game using the human heads of POWs"  make more sense.

You fuckers got NOTHING on whites when it comes to violence in the past, you were just as war like, you just didn't have the ships or the cannons to do it world wide - sore losers. 

The mexicans in the US perpetrate rape of 11 year olds like it's going out of style, more than half of all gang activity and membership is NOW latino gangs, controlling human trafficking, drugs, weapons & bringing 'kidnapping' back in vogue, because mexico is a fucking toilet, just GARBAGE, decapitating, child brothel having, skinning people alive, kidnapping civilians off buses to force them into slavery working the drug fields or as prostitutes.  I mean literally Mexico is worse than fucking Afghanistan.  What the FUCK?


And you think we're LUCKY you don't help scum come up with new hate words to call whites? HA fuck you sideways shitskin.