Traumatized Beyond Belief

Readers are horrified to learn what BARC does with its dead dogs.

Johansen brings the lyric folio onstage as a nod to his bardic influences, not because he can't remember the lyrics. Think Ginsberg, not Steven Tyler. I have seen the band on three occasions in the past two years and can confirm that he isn't in need of a teleprompter. I have noticed a distressingly ahistorical and unsympathetic tone in many recent reviews of the band. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, given the state of contemporary rock journalism, or what passes for it.

Steve Wilson

God, I miss responsible journalism: I remember a day when rock criticism was more than just lobbing insults at bands you knew nothing about. I shudder to think about the history of rock and roll if critics had been this arrogant and dismissive in the early 1970s. Why the Press would send such an ignorant, narrow-minded young man, with an obvious ax to grind, to review this show, is a mystery. Hell, why you would send this hack out for coffee is a mystery. There is so much factually wrong with this piece, it boggles the mind. The Houston Press should be ashamed for running it. Don't you guys employ editors?

Jesus, at least put a fact-checker on the payroll, for crying out loud. I have a hard time believing this guy stayed for the entire show.


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