Memories of Michael

Also: Secessionist Session

If you press Up during game play, pixel-art Michael grabs his crotch and lets out a digitized, low-bit rate whooooo. Fucking win.

Rex from 10th Grade Cutie

The MJ workout: Most of my memories of Michael Jackson's songs are from long after they were released...except for "Will You Be There," from Free Willy. Yeah, you remember that one. I was obsessed. I used to do junior jazzercise routines to that song in the early '90s, back when brightly colored tights and leotards were still considered marginally acceptable as workout attire.


Secessionist Session

Online readers comment on "Meeting of the (Utterly Insane) Minds: Glenn Beck Interviews a Texas Secessionist from Houston," Hair Balls blog, by Richard Connelly, June 25:

I've got a great idea! Let's call Glenn Beck and anyone who listens to him insane over and over and over again. Eventually they'll start believing us. This way, we can avoid having logical debates. Seriously, if you don't like Glenn Beck, that's fine. But honestly, just once I'd like to hear a reason for it other than "he's crazy" and "people who listen to him are crazy." Can one single left-leaning blogger come up with a single logical point that's based in reality? Anyone? Nope? Okay, go back to grade school name-calling, then.


Left out: So why are you labeling these folks as utterly insane? They perhaps have a vision for our country and state that you don't share, but that hardly makes them insane. It does make you look pretty stupid, however, at least in my eyes, and also very intolerant. Imagine that — intolerance from the left. That can't be right, can it?

Freedom lover

Be realistic: Freedom lover said: "So why are you labeling these folks as utterly insane?"

One, it is constitutionally not allowed for a state to leave the union. Two, Texas is in no position to establish its own military and defenses. Three, Texas's economy is best when linked with that of the United States.

The overwhelming majority of Texans are comfortable in their American citizenships. It is very easy for people to like being pie-in-the-sky dreamers, but they should not make serious proposals for Texas secession. They need to be realistic.

Of course Rick Perry cannot ­really be in favor of Texas secession.

Vincent O. Moh

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